SG +*B High-Tor Landslide Zigzag

Featured here is High Tor Landslide ZigZag We are using ZigZag in several doe’s AI. Above all, to achieve better GA (General Appearance) . In addition to GA, he has influence on a more level rump and great teat placement. Look at his “Type Eval” on ADGAGenetics.

Sire: SGCH +*B Kastdemur’s Landslide 92EEE
     SS: GCH ++*B Elm*Glen Brazil
     SD: SGCH Kastdemur’s Slice 3*M 93EEEE

Dam: SGCH High-Tor Zagnut 92EEEE
     DS: M’s Sagebrush’s SHBS First Beau
     DD:  GCH High-Tor Walnut Fudge 91EEEE

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Born: May 9, 2013
Color: Black/White Belt
Alpha S1 Casein:  A/A
DNA Typed

          05-03 VG 89 VVE

Kastdemur’s page on ZigZag

ZigZag excels in dairy character, being flat boned and angular with very correct feet and legs. Every animal in his immediate pedigree is a GCH and every dam in the last three generations has a Linear Appraisal score of FS 91 (EEEE) or higher. ZigZag’s sire, GCH +*B Kastdemur’s Landslide 3-04 92 (EEE), is the son of the incredible, SGCH Kastdemur’s Slice 5-02 93 (EEEE), the 2005 ADGA National Grand Champion and National Best Udder LaMancha. Slice was a genetic powerhouse, producing numerous outstanding animals during her lifetime.

ZigZag’s dam, SGCH High-Tor Zagnut 2-00 92 (EEEE), is long and level with an amazingly wide and level rump, high and wide rear udder, long and smooth fore and excellent dairy character. His littermate sister, SGCH High-Tor Dharma 2-02 89 (VVVE) was a part of the 2015 ADGA National 1st Place

Senior Get of Sire. ZigZag’s pedigree is packed with amazing animals and we have every confidence that he will continue in this legacy. We are so impressed with his kids that we have used him exclusively on our does for the last two years.

-Marshall Losey

Dam GCH High-Tor Zagnut EX92
Dam GCH High-Tor Zagnut EX92
Dam GCH High Tor Zagnut EX92
Dam GCH High-Tor Zagnut EX92
Paternal Sisters: GCH Kastdemurs Veracruz EX92, GCH Kastdemurs Silvermist EX91, SGCH High-Tor Dharma VG89 FF
Littermate Sister: SGCH High-Tor Dharma VG89 FF

Photo’s used with permission, copyright Kastdemur’s

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