Our farm has added Scottish Highland cattle to our farm. They are very beautiful creatures. Scottish Highland or referred to as Highlanders originated from Scotland. They are Coo’s (Scottish for cow) that adaptable to foraging on scrubs and brush in the highlands. They are one of the oldest breeds, and are considered a “Heritage” breed.

Highland cattle do seem to grow slower, than more contemporary breeds. But they are well regarded for their meat. Several studies have been done, that show they have more protein than chicken, have lower levels of fat and cholesterol and have higher iron. This is due to their double hair coat. This coat helps insulates them in the winter and allows them to convert grass and hay to meat. They are also said to produce a great marble in the steaks. Original size of Highland was about 800 -1000 lb, as the average family didn’t have freezers or iceblock and the size was more manageable for eating purposes.

Highland cattle are considered a very easy going and laid back breed. They are often times used in petting zoo’s and other attractions. They are very smart for cattle and will even learn their names. Our Bull Fozzie, loves to be brushed, scratched and be hand fed treats.

This will be the home for DAL Highland farm.

Meet our Fold (Scottish for herd)
Fozzie – Bull
Beatrice – Heifer calf
Ruby – Coming soon

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