Making Cuts we have the following for sale: All doe’s in Milk were tested CAE negative, as we run a negative herd.

Sr Milking doe’s
Magic Trix

2020 doeling’s, All doeling’s can be registered in the name of your choosing for papers, we have their “nick name” below for distinguishing them
SPP – Lady Bug (2/28/20) – Dam: FireFly X Sire: Aquaman
Haley (3/5/20) – Dam: Luna X Sire: Phoenix
Malibu (3/9/20) – Dam: Memphis X Sire: Escher
Nina (3/13/20) – Dam: Lupe X Sire: Aquaman
Tricky (3/17/20) – Dam: Magic Trix X Sire: Jammy
Pancake (3/18/20) – Dam: Legacy X Sire: Goose
Marie ( 5/3/20) – Dam: Madeline X Sire: Goose
HoneyCake (5/28) – Dam: Honeybee X Sire: Aquaman
Vickie (6/4/20) – Dam: Masonbee X Sire: Goose

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